New Deicing Process / requesting input

Hello All,

Thank you for considering helping me in my effort to communicate with the commercial fishing industry. We consider the following to be a significant advance in the area of safety as it relates to icing/deicing in harsh environments.

My company has developed a deicing process which utilizes the spraying of pressurized, heated water to impact and drive off ice. The pressurized, heated water is mixed with a non-freezing agent (liquid) which is compliant with maritime environmental regulatory agency lists of chemicals approved for direct release into the ocean. The process is identical to aviation deicing methods without the environmental issues. .

I am looking for information and guidance related to effectively approaching the commercial fishing industry. We have made progress in the off shore oil exploration industry with this product. It is a natural progression to carry this message to the fishing industry as well. I am also looking for expert advice on the typical design of commercial fishing vessels, specifically the fire main systems as we propose to use this system for deicing spray.

I would be most appreciative if anyone would care to participate in the advancement of this safety process. I am more than happy to provide additional information about the system if this would help you get clearer on the concept…I look forward to any and all responses…yours truly, Msweetman