New Deckhand

I just received my first job as a deckhand on a tug and start next week. Have little experience aside from working on a crew boat. I’m a fast learner and not really worried but one thing that bothers me is when I was applying for this job I was under the impression I would get a live on position. They told me upon telling me I start next week I had to go to the fleet first and work 7-12s for a while. I’ll do my job without any complaints and I’m grateful to be hired but is it the norm to have to do fleet work before getting a live on position? Any advice would be appreciated

What company did you get the job with? I have been working for a tug company for a year now. 2 years ago I was working on crew boats and supply boats. It is a whole different world on the tugs. They use different terminology and the work is way more physically demanding. Working on the live ons you get more ride time but build a lot of big tows. Working fleet you spend more time moving barges around and are on your feet more. Its all work in the fleet or the line boats. You have busy days and slow days. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.