New Coast Guard Policy Letters

The Coast Guard has published a policy letter for QMED endorsements for licensed engineers: CG-MMC Policy Letter 04-18

Under the regulations prior to 2014, an engineer licensed for inspected vessels over 2,000 HP could serve in any QMED capacity without holding a QMED endorsement. Under the rule published in late 21013, in order to serve as a QMED, one must hold the appropriate QMED endorsement.

The policy letter provides a means for mariners licensed before March 24, 2019 for over 2,000 HP to retain their ability to serve as QMED, and describes the examinations needed for adding QMED endorsements after that date. Note that after March 24, 2019, the “partial” exams described in the policy letter only apply when a mariner applies for QMED and a license at the same time.

The Coast Guard also published a policy letter emphasizing topics that are required to be covered in STCW meteorology courses: CG-MMC Policy Letter 05-18