New AIS codes?

Can anyone shed some light on these new AIS codes? They look like gibberish on my machine and on marine traffic. Are they something the CG is mandating?

Using New York City, Ambrose, or Bayridge as a destination seems a lot more clear to me than US^(Insert random numbers and letters here)

Did I miss something?

Last ship that went past on my plotter said “moored”, so I guess they found one way to solve that :rofl:

Maybe it was just called ‘Moored’.
2 weeks ago there was a USNS Supply ship moored in Portsmouth (UK).
It was called USNS Supply.
Just love the imagination.

Not every ship can be Boaty McBoatFace.


Vessels sailing International routes should use UN LOCODES (circa 2004), but domestic voyages can use Army Corps GUIDs.

Check out NAVCEN’s page for more info: AIS Encoding Guide and U.S. Destination Codes (

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I think I’ll stick with known names, like Seattle and Dutch Harbor.