Need some advice

I’m currently a US Navy Diver who is transitioning out of the service. I would like to continue diving as a commercial diver. I’ld appreciate any advice you guys could give me.


If you want to get out of the service and become a divers bitch and be a tender for four or more years.

Well you could try an open your own business. like a diving school or could rent out diving suits too. That way you get to do the diving, teach and make money out of it too!

Check out Global Diving & Salvage.

I had the same experience. I graduate NDSTC in 06. Left the Coast Guard in 07. Started a hull cleaning company in 08 (bad timing). Sold myself to a competitor. Made a bunch of money, worked 5 hour days, life was good. Then left the business to focus on school. I never transferred my mil qual to the civilian sector, and now I’m kicking myself in the ass for it. I can’t even rent a tank at the local dive shop. There isn’t much room for guys in the industrial sector without a long standing commitment to the union and a commercial dive school diploma. Likewise, starting your own company is slow, and risky. I would jump back in my wet suit and clean boats if given the opportunity. The money was good. I stayed in shape. I didn’t have to put up with anybody’s shit… Good luck

Crofton out of Norfolk va is pretty big with commercial diving, starting on p.16.