Some one help me with some info?

<P>First a little back ground info. <br><br> I spent 11yrs in the U.S. Navy. Got out back in '92. Have been a single parent. Now kids are grown and in the last yr of School. <br>I can’t think of any thing more I want, then to get back to sea. My plan would be to put it off one more yr while I get back into shape. At the age of 44 now. What would my chance be?<br><br>How about pay? I’m making upper 40k + a yr now. <br><br>My first choice is MSC.<br> <br>I have been station on AO-179 (plank owner) and AOR-5. So I have done vertrep and unrep. Back ground in deck department and weapons. <br><br>At this point would any of my prior military traning still be good? <br><br>Thanks for your help and time. <br><br>T.S.</P>

It all depends on what you did in the Navy (enlisted or officer), and for how long, and what quals you had. Do you have any recency? Even on your own boat?

What was your rating? This chart shows which ratings give sea time that will be credited by the USCG.<br><br><br><br>60% is the usual credit, i.e. 10 months as a USN BM or QM will give 6 months towards<br>USCG deck endorsements/licenses.<br><br>When the USCG credits you with one year of sea time, you can get the AB Special endorsement<br>on your Z-card. With that endorsement the you’re pay and opportunities in the industry are good.<br><br>MSC is the right choice for starting out, as they will pay for the schools you need (and pay you an allowance as well while you attend classes - nowhere else in the industry do you get this). <br><br>The schools you need are:<br>Basic Safety Training<br>Lifeboatman (the full course with davits for deep sea jobs)<br>Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch<br>and of course the school for AB.<br><br>Each is one week. <br><br>Good luck -<br>

<P>Thanks for your response. <br><br> I spent 3 yrs or so as a BM, then became a GMG. I had quils as bridge watch stander, helmsmen and (after steering emergence and underway replenishment helmsmen.) These quils I listed are just a few and in no way all I have. <br><br>Newbie: The way I under stand what you are saying is I can wait until MSC sign’s me on before having to take these Schools? <br>The last couple of weeks I have been looking at Schools, let’s be honest they can be a little costly.<br><br>So would I contact the USCG first or apply to MSC first? <br><br>To find out they pay for School and a allowance is good news. Since I would still have my monthly bills while I transition. <br> <br>For me as much as I want this, I have to worry about money. If I’m only looking at making 20-30K Not sure if I could make it. Thats some thing I would have to deal with when the time comes. <br><br>Once again thanks for your time. <br>T.S.<br></P>

Just to give you an idea about pay. On a 28 and 14 day schedule you work 242.5 days a year. These are some numbers you can expect to make in the Gulf/Oil Patch. That is the standard schedule in the Gulf of Mexico.<br><br>OS- $37,587-48,000<br>AB- $62,000-73,000<br>100 ton Capt- $81,000-97,000<br>1600 ton Mate/Mate OSV- $81,000-100,000<br>1600 ton Master/Master OSV- $100,000-155,000<br><br>As far as those schools…Most companies offer these schools either at their own school or as a reimbursed expense.

Having just jumped the hurdles here’s a few tips. Dust off your DD 214 which shows total sea time, and I believe your page 4 (That should be the one to list your qualifications and dates). The Coast Guard is interested on when you got on the ship(s) when you left, when you qualified what. Then they apply 60% of the total and come up with your sea time. Oh and they want it on one neat orderly form to make it easier to figure all that stuff out. Thankfully it sounds like you had one of ratings that they recognized. Unfortunately there might be a problem with recency, in other words your sea time was a while ago, but I went engineering so I can’t speak for AB. As for MSC I’ve talked to the recruiters in VA Beach and it sounds like they expect you to have your MMD first. Hope this helps. Oh and to be safe just drag every scrap of paper from your service record to the REC.

Thanks. <br> Done what you said and look over my DD-214’s missing one, and have already sent for it.<br><br>with the ones I do have. I can account for 7yrs 11 months 3 days sea time. I won’t even bother to start listing all of my schools and other qualification here. <br>That can mostly be found on my page at <A href="]</A> <br><br>You say that you are already in MSC?

Here’s something that might help, from NMC Policy Letter 14-02, para 9:<br><br>This STCW certification may be issued to any mariner who provides proof of one year of sea<br>service in a relevant capacity within the deck department between 1 October 1986 and 30<br>September 1991 without requiring completion of the assessments of skills. Completion of basic<br>safety training is required.<br><br>It’s how I avoided assessments on my AB unlimited.<br><br>GET EVALUATED!<br><br>JT sends from NY Harbor<br>[BMC(SW) retired]