Question about lisence

i just got out the navy after 7 years i want to know what if i can get certified for through the coast gaurd?i have 4 years sea time on a friggate i stood all bridge watches except ood done was qualed for all unrep stations flight deck fuel or cargo.esws qualed shipboard firefighting coxswain and everything deck department does.i would love some feedback thanks

Unfortunately not much transfers. Some will give you more info. But in all likelihood you will start out as a Ordinary Seaman. If you search the forum you will find a lot of info about this. The USCG does NOT accept training from any other facility unless the training is USCG approved. Navy training is NOT approved. The only way I can make this make sense to you is to say that if you had training at the Air Force Academy it would NOT be accepted by the Navy. The same holds true with the USCG. Training by the Navy is not USCG approved. They have a different set of regulations to follow.

Hi boats29. Not that this will help much but I remember an AB I worked with about 20 years ago that was able to use Navy service to obtain his AB…sea time in the deck dept. mabye? Anyway, heres how I can help though, there is a neat little program called Ispell for use as a spellchecker…couldn’t help myself heh.

ok thanks i called and spoke with the coast gaurd they told me to send them all my navy quals and most of it should transfer but you know how that goes, right.what do i need to do get a decent job at sea im not sure where to start could yall point me in the right direction?

I would say go MSC, you are already programed for 6 month pulls at sea so you are a shoe in I would think. Not to mention great HP or tonnage for future upgrades.