Advice for a new maritime career

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and have been interested for some time in a maritime career. I started out as a commercial diver which I did for a while before going back to college. I am currently enlisted in the Navy Reserves. I have also recently finished a bachelors degree in history (another passion of mine) and am considering my options now. I am applying for officer school as a surface warfare officer. I would ultimately like to earn my 3rd mates license and go civilian. Is this the best way to go? I’m now 26 and too old for the Merchant Marine Academy, which I kick myself for. Thanks for the wisdom!

If you’re already inclined to “Accelerate Your Life” in the U.S. Navy, a 4 year hitch as a SWO on a Navy Ship should put you in the strike zone for a 3rd mates license (or better). There are lots of recent posts on this subject on this forum.

You may be too old for USMMA but there re several other Maritime schools across the country that you could go to and come out with a 3rd UNL. Review the threads for academies on the is site, tons of use insight I’m sure.

I will look into some others. I contacted SUNY today and they have a masters program that leads to a 3rd mates. I will check out this forum some more, thanks.