Hi There ,if any one has QMED COAST GUARD Exam preparation question or the web sites where I can get help. THANKS

QMED covers a lot of territory.

The [B]very best[/B] resources are the NAVEDTRA (Navy Education Training) manuals.
Engineman 3&2, Boiler Tech 3&2, Machinists Mate 3&2, Basic Electricity and Electronics.
They are available at public libraries or you can buy them online.

American Train Co. offers short courses on specific subjects at a reasonable price.
I took their reefer course years back and it has served me well.

Studying test questions is stupid. Read every tech manual you can get your hands on.
Learn theory and get experience if you want to advance.

Get the CD from

You can study the test questions.

It also includes reference material:

Alternating Current Transformers


Basic Machines


Circuit Protection Control Measurement

Conductors Wiring Schematics

Damage Control

Direct Current Batteries

And the list goes on…

Thanks a lot.

Maybe not the best but helpful.