Need help with schools

Yeah, was supposed to have Hammond, la in there… Sorry bout that… I know one of the post had it…

The word is “and”.

[QUOTE=josh.reid24;163551]I live in MS and the company ain’t worth anything, an half the people around me ain’t worth knocking in the head so can’t get any decent information… That’s why I’m getting my AB to get away from here an try to get around some knowledgeable people so I can better my learning experiences. Actually learn something other then how each capt likes the boat cleaned an how each one like the boat tied up… Everything I learn is from research an gcaptain honestly…[/QUOTE]

I don’t know your situation but you can learn a lot without school. For sure you need a AB but do you have a copy of Chapman"s?

Do you know how to splice line? Know your knots? What about tides and currents? Reading a chart? Do you kno how to steer? Do you know true magnetic, relitive directions? COLREGS?

Can you read the sky? What are the signs of a cold front approach? Do you know which weather bouys to check? Know how to get local weather radar on your phone? What is the prevailing wind direction where you are? What time does the sea breeze usually come in? What are the sgns of fog?

What about the engine room? Can you change filters? Fill the day tank? Check fluid levels?

You have to be careful. Some people don’t like it when the crew knows too much. Chapman’s is good book, I"ve also gotten a couple good ones at the used book store. Also a catalog from the local marine hardware supply is good for work loads, weights, dimensions and general knowledge.