Need help with removing "(Domestic Only)" from 3A/E license

This may be the final update…So I called and they answered on the 2nd ring. They quickly listened and seemed to understand the error and pulled my file for review. I called back the next day and the same person answered on the 2nd ring. I wanted to know when I should expect to hear and they said by next Friday, which was yesterday. On that Thursday, I got the emails that said “in review”…“ready to issue”…“issued” and “mailed”. I was still curious if they got it right so I asked a question by email and they replied in a few hours: 3rd assitant engineer steam and motor (no restrictions). So, if it arrives by mail as a renewal good for 5 years with no restrictions, then I am done. No medical exam and no proof of drug testing. Even though there was an error by the NMC, they quickly and efficiently fixed it. Thanks to all.

All licenses in the new MMC say Domestic Only!! That’s because when you go Foreign you STCW becomes you license. I just looked at the license rack in my boat to confirm that!!

If they sent you a new credential with a new 5-year expiration date, they made a mistake. WIthout a current (12 months) physical and current drug free certification (test within 185 days or a current letter from a marine employer) they should not have “renewed” your whole credential. If you asked for a renewal on the application (CG-719B), they should have asked you for a new physical and drug test/letter. If they DO give a new one, then you got away with it. Someone mentioned 3 years on a physical. That’s only for a Raise of Grade and under the new regulations, you don’t get a new five years anymore (as per part 10), you only get out to the expiration of what we call the “root” credential. Sounds confusing and it is. When I used to train evaluators, it would take them years to figure out the “transaction type” and then what regs apply. Add to that the confusion of the new “credential” and how the transaction type effects the issuance of endorsements etc. Technically this application (adding STCW to your current domestic endorsements) is an “endorsement”.