Anyone know if this BST Fire Training is valid?

I had my BST Basic Fire Training re-done while I was working onboard an English Cruise Ship (Bahamian Flagged) a year or two ago. My other certificates I had re-done at MPT in Florida. MY problem is that the one from the cruise ship says at the bottom;

“has successfully completed a Basic Fire fighting instructional Course with Saga Shipping relevant to their responsibilities in accordance with the appropriate sections of STCW 95 Section B-V1/1.”

All my other certificates that I had renewed at MPT say basically the same thing except, 

“The STCW Code as revised, table A-VI/ 1-1, IMO Course 1.19 and US 46 CFR 10.205 (I) (1)”

Can you tell me what the difference is between "STCW 95 Section B-V1/1" and  "STCW Code Table A-VI/ 1-1"??  Is it possible that I need to re-do my BST fire fighting? 

Thanks, Robby

Was the BST a CG approved course. If not, it doesn’t count. Section B refers to recommended guidance regarding the STCW Convention, Section A is the mandatory standards. B-VI/1 provides guidance regarding familiarization and basic safety training and instruction. I have no idea why that section would be referenced on your certificate but it definitely leads me to think it was not a CG approved course.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I doubt if the English cruise ship is USCG approved since it wasn’t allowed in the US since the time I started working on it. Looks like I will be needing to update my BST Fire Fighting. Maybe I can see about getting Advance Fire at the same time.