Need an AB job

I was recently laid off from an inland car carrier ferry. im looking for a Tug job or something similar. i have an AB special as well as all classes needed for my 1600ton mates license. havent taken the exam yet but almost have to put that off and get a job asap. due to my lifestyle i really would prefer something with trips less than 30days. i know beggers cant be choosers, but i have a young daughter i cant stand to be away from too long.

any ideas? tristate area

I’m guessing Wronowski gave you the ‘sorry, but I don’t give a shit’ story huh?

This is a tough time to be looking. since you have your AB, make sure you note that in ALL your applications. Have you called the 333 hall in Staten Island? There are quite a few guys on the beach now, but if you stress you willingness to leave RIGHT NOW it may open doors quicker for you.