Navy sea time

Quick question, I am currently a senior at a state maritime academy and Throughout my time here I have not been able to use my navy sea time (1000+ days) for any of my cadet shipping days. Not a big deal to me, but now that I will be testing for my 3rd mates license in may, and if I pass will I then be able to acquire some (60%) of my navy sea days? This is a rumor that I have heard just wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on this for me thanks. By the way, my rate was BM and I was honorably discharges.

You can’t use the time at CMA because You’re getting the license by completing a comprehensive program, not an accumulation of sea time (hawsepipe). Time you obtained outside the program is obviously not part of the program.

You can use your prior time, but not to upgrade to 2nd Mate. You can’t use time before getting 3rd Mate to go to 2nd Mate. So there maybe a very few endorsements it can be used for, but it is possible at least as a general concept.