Nav/signal lights


Could you please help me to figure out what the right side (marked yellow) is used for? Where can I find resources about it.

Many thanks!

A. They all flash in sequence in the event of a Close Encounter.
B. Check out the (Anti) Collision Regulations.

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It’s all your mast lighting for NUC, RAM, Aground, Fishing, sail, pilot, etc.

Popularly referred to as “the Christmas tree”. It allows you to make all the prescribed navigation light signals under the COLREGS.


It would help us to answer you if you told us your maritime experience and why you’re asking.

I do get the use of the left panel side (NUC, RAM and other covered by COLREGS), not really familiar with that “signalling” part - I do remember we were using single all-round red light during bunkering, any other use for it in the daily/non-daily practice? I’m a deck rating - ro-ro ships.


It seems you won’t get any sensible answer here from all the know-it-all, fully certificated and qualified experts asking about your expertise.

Put simply, there’s no COLREGs meaning whatsoever in the light configuration you asked about. It’s never seen and never displayed and I would be most surprised if your panel even allowed you to show that configuration. If it does, let us know.

If, however, you are asking what that side of the panel is used for, just start pushing buttons on the panel (during the day when it doesn’t matter) and see what happens to the indicator on the right.

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NUC, RAM, CBD, etc are the lights in the section you circled in yellow.

He didn’t ask about any specific light configuration but the lights he circled ARE required by the COLREGS.

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There are a lot more lights on that tree than I am used to.
Can’t zoom in enough without blurring to see what is written on the green one?

It is a Japanese Huge Vessel light.

But I’m just some know it all with a certificate according to Jughead :roll_eyes:


It says “green”.

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Wait, what?
Is that in case you are a colour blind navigator?

10 year old post, guess they should upgrade their definition of huge.
Also, metres not meters.
A metre is a unit if measurement.
A meter measures units.

Perhaps. They do slip through the cracks as I know personally. Each of those buttons on the righthand set is labeled with the button/light colo[u]r.

The light panel circled allows you to push buttons that will display navigation light configurations prescribed in the COLREGs. How are any references to COLREGs not sensible and why would it not be a “sensible” resource? I think they realize that when you push a button a light comes on.

My response was to answer what I saw as his question. Why would anyone display four vertical white lights on one side of the mast and three on the other (with their spare globes) at the same time? No COLREGs that I know.

Perhaps nobody explained to him that the right side of the panel shows a view of the mast from deck level and the other shows a plan view of the ship.

There’s no need to overanalyse anything. Surely he has any number of answers now to pick from.

Eff if I know… I’m just an engineer.

I also am versed in the google. Doing a search Aqua-Signal brings up a similar looking generic panel with the generic label “SUEZ LIGHTS” across that side of the panel.

Another bit of google-fu brings us to the following link on transiting the Suez Canal which, by this point, should be extremely familiar to anyone wondering why this thread is still around:

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