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My Daughter Who just got out of the Navy is asking me, What is that term we use, When at the end of a long successful voyage and just before you get to the Dock everything goes to hell, Apparently I told her 10 years ago and now I cant remember, I told her I will ask my fellow seafarers, Any help? Thanks




Side effects of channel fever?

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One “aw, shit” wipes out a thousand “atta-boys”.






I’ve never heard a term for that but the term for what causes it is ‘channel fever’.


Thanks for noticing I said that already.


The fuckup fairy paid a visit


Foul up : To foul is a nautical term meaning entangled. The expression ""foul up simply means to error or “screw up”.

“The right of way goes to the vessel with the least competent crew.”
– Mike Baiocchi


That’s It !! My Daughter Thanks You !

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What’s it?


Channel Fever. Symptoms include spending the money on toys before you have your discharge in hand.


I’ve also been told Not to pack your Sea Bag before the Sea Buoy,


complacency…or at least that’s what the Navy told us…