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My Daughter Who just got out of the Navy is asking me, What is that term we use, When at the end of a long successful voyage and just before you get to the Dock everything goes to hell, Apparently I told her 10 years ago and now I cant remember, I told her I will ask my fellow seafarers, Any help? Thanks



Side effects of channel fever?

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One “aw, shit” wipes out a thousand “atta-boys”.




I’ve never heard a term for that but the term for what causes it is ‘channel fever’.

Thanks for noticing I said that already.

The fuckup fairy paid a visit


Foul up : To foul is a nautical term meaning entangled. The expression ""foul up simply means to error or “screw up”.

“The right of way goes to the vessel with the least competent crew.”
– Mike Baiocchi

That’s It !! My Daughter Thanks You !

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What’s it?

Channel Fever. Symptoms include spending the money on toys before you have your discharge in hand.

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I’ve also been told Not to pack your Sea Bag before the Sea Buoy,

complacency…or at least that’s what the Navy told us…