Nautical insitute question

I have a unlicensed shipmate with a completed DP log prior to the cut off date. We are currently serving on a unclassed D - 3 Heavylift vessel. My question is will the nautical Institute honor his sea time if the vessel is not classed ?

No. The vessel must be class 1,2, or 3. The NI maintains a database of classed vessels. If the boat is not in that database, the time does not count.

I thought you could get a limited even if was unclassed? Is this no longer true with the new rules?

Can not get anything on an unclassed vessel. Dp1=limited; Dp2 or 3=unlimited. Classed and certified.

I wasted years on a vessel equipped as a DP 1 but the company didn’t want the hassle of dealing with ABS certification so zero time for those years.

I got my limited on a DP-0 vessel back in 2001.