National 3rd Engineer

I am looking at trying to get my National 3rd Engineer license(this would be for a shoreside position so don’t need anything else) I currently hold master unlimited and was looking at the checklist, I saw the section about 90 days recency in order to test and then the list below. Can anyone enlighten me on what the fastest way would be to obtain this crossing over from a deck license?

Best I could do for you

46 CFR § 11.504 - Application of deck service for national limited engineer endorsements.

Service gained in the deck department on vessels of appropriate tonnage may substitute for up to 25 percent or 6 months, whichever is less, of the service requirement for an endorsement as chief engineer (limited), assistant engineer (limited), or DDE.

So get the limited license and then on the 3rd A/E checklist

360 days service as assistant engineer (limited) and completion of the appropriate examination

or STAR Center two year TECH program?

Alternatively, go back in time and be a duelie

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There is no “crossover,” the requirements are the same for everyone regardless of other endorsements they may hold. The only credit for having a deck license is the provision above, that you can use a limited amount of deck service to meet the requirements for 3rd AE. You’re probably going to need time as (or equivalent to) a QMED. The recent service needs to be in the engine department.