Mystic Seaport

Is anyone familiar with the Mystic Seaport in Ct?

Yea, I live like an hour away from it.

Yeah- my sister holds a senior management position there…

I saw it on tv earlier this morning. There was a woman who was explaining about the knot tying, etc…

When I looked it up, it gave a bunch of information about it being a museum.
Is it JUST acting as such? Or it’s a tourist attraction, too?

I’d like to go there, and was just curious if anyone worked out of it, and/or knew about it first hand.

Think I saw the same thing on Sunday morning, looks like a nice place to visit.

No it’s definitely a tourist attraction as well as a museum. They’re also rebuilding the Charles W. Morgan there - it’s a huge wooden hulled sailing ship. It’s a pretty interesting place, and there’s also the Mystic Aquarium, which is a pretty nice place. Mystic is a nice quiet New England town - if you get the chance to visit, I’d recommend it. But, don’t come all the way up here just for that.



Thank you for that information. I’m always after a road trip. For instance, Atlantic City…then the museum in CT, Boston and Hudson, NH. Sounds perfect!

Anyway, it seemed very cool and interesting to see.

I’d NEVER fly somewhere just for 1 thing. I get wayyyy too bored. I make sure the locations I choose have other things of interest.