Halifax, NS

Ill be heading up there soon. If I get a chance to walk up the street what are the happening places I should visit? Should I steer clear of anywhere? It would probably be just for a few hours if that. Thanks.

The Titanic Museum is a nice place to visit.

Man, in the old days I would be listing all of the bars but here I am suggesting going to a Museum, Oh how times have changed!

It is a nice place. Been a long, long time…

I seem to recall a fort there, too. Open for visitors.

Been a few years but I don’t remember any bad areas on the waterfront. Liquordome comes to mind but who knows. Plenty of places to get your drink on, “cultural” attractions, I don’t know, but plenty of college girls, very few unattractive.

Two of my guys are going with you. Ought to be easy money!

Halifax is a safe, clean, friendly city.

My favorite pub is the “Economy Shoe Shop” on Argyle Street.

[QUOTE=Clear Solution;104448]Two of my guys are going with you. Ought to be easy money![/QUOTE]

I sure hope so. Its sounds like a good crew. I hope the WX is ok.

I haven’t been there in years, but damn do I have some good memories of the place! That fort is extremely cool especially after Memorial Day when they do the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony.

Definitely the maritime museum. They have an excellent collection of ship models, including the Foundation Franklin. As I recall, Halifax had some pretty cool used book shops. I picked up a 19th century book on navigation for under $10. And Canada has no embargo against Cuba, so remember to pick a few stogies. The beer is stronger and plentiful, and the people are friendly. I think you’re bound to have time wherever you go.

Very few obese women, if I recall correctly. A nice change…

They left without me. Oh well theres always next time.