My company wants me to become a DE

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I work for a mom and pop in south Florida pushing construction barges around and they are requesting I submit to the USCG to acquire a Designated Examiner certificate.

I don’t know much about being a DE other than having worked with a couple here and there.

I have a couple questions though if someone would not mind answering:

  1. do companies big or small generally increase a mariners pay that has a DE ?

  2. will I need to keep a log of mariners that I sign off on and does the USCG follow up on sign offs for verification a such ?

  3. does the USCG hold DEs responsible for who they sign off? i.e. liability.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.



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Good luck I’ve been trying to get mine for months and no answer from the nmc. Doubt your pay will go up. No you shouldn’t be held responsible

The USCG is responsible for determining competence of the applicant, not the designated examiner.

This was presented in my Designated Examiner class ages ago…it was either some case law or journal, or semi-important opinion they handed us out with relevant section highlighted.

From the “Designated Examiner Information” in the each of the TOARs in NVIC 03-16:

…In performing your function as a DE, you may use your signature or initials to indicate
only that you have personally witnessed the demonstration of a skill or ability by the person being
assessed and have found that individual, in your professional judgment, to be competent under the criteria contained herein. [emphasis added]

See also the definition of “Designated Examiner” in 46 CFR 10.107:
…qualified to evaluate whether an applicant has achieved the level of proficiency required to hold a towing vessel endorsement on a merchant mariner credential (MMC)…

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Cool, but I’m not a TOAR’er

Can you knock on their door and see what’s up with the response time