On board assesments for license upgrades

I just wanted to know if the person who signs off on these assessments don on board needs to be a designated examiner. Everything I have read says they just need to hold a license equal too or larger than what you are upgrading too. This is for all those STCW assessments that used to be only done in courses at the schools but can now be done at sea. Also wanted to know if it needs to be done on the larger tonnage boats or if it can be done on a crewboat or tugboat. Thanks in advance

Designated Examiners are only for the towing vessel TOAR.

Completing the assessments at sea has always been an option. The only requirement for someone to sign them off is that they have to be in an equal higher grade. The Coast Guard requires the assessors to read a statement concerning the responsibilities of being an assessor and the person signing off the assessments attests to this by the act of signing the assessment.

[QUOTE=Azimuth;67511]The only requirement for someone to sign them off is that they have to be in an equal higher grade. [/QUOTE]

The assessments of competency may be conducted aboard a seagoing vessel by a mariner who is serving on the vessel upon which the assessments are completed.


[li] Theassessor must: Hold an STCW endorsement at the management level (STCW RegulationII/2-master or chief mate) valid for service on seagoing vessels of at least 200 GRT/500GT;[/li] OR
Hold an STCW endorsement as OICNW (2nd Mate, 3rd Mate, or 500/1600 GRT Mate) andhave at least one year of experience as OICNW on seagoing vessels of a least 200GRT/500GT;


Yeah, I was pretty sure of that, and I knew the DE was mandatory for the TOAR since I had to do that, but thanks for the info and the confirmation. I had printed out the entire assessments and policy letter and just wanted to make sure my understanding of it was clear. So in practice the 200ton Master on a crewboat could sign off on the assessments as long as he reads and understands the policy letter even if I was upgrading to 1600 mate.

Does a master 200grt have STCW II/2 on the license? If so then I imagine they can sign you off, but I don’t know for sure that they do.

No they do not, thanks for that. I do have access to a 1600 master who will work with me to sign off. Definitely appreciate the help.

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