Assessments at sea related to Chief Mate Unlimited,

May I ask where you found the list of assessments required, as well as the associated instructions, areas open for signature / date, etc? I’m looking to complete several assessments at sea related to Chief Mate Unlimited, but I’m unable to find the appropriate documentation.

This discussion is 8 years old. There have been major regulation changes since then and any answer from then probably isn’t valid today. If you have specific questions, start a new discussion and ask them there. And read the NVIC I linked to in your other zombie discussion.

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Aloha Capt. Phoenix, I work on a 34,000 GT vessel. I’m looking to complete the onboard assessments to begin upgrading from 2M to CM Unlimited, but I don’t know where to find the assessment documentation to be used (tasks required, assessor signature and date, etc). Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!!

The assessments for Chief Mate / Master greater than 3,000 GT are in NVIC 10-14.

This is no longer true, courses are required again.
See the applicable CFR for the list.

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