Chief Mate Unlimited Assessments

For raise of grade to Chief Mate Unlimited, are there now courses that can be taken in place of shipboard assessments? For example, if I want to take Chief mate courses at MPT, would I be able to complete the entire curriculum and requirements from the courses only? Or are there still some shipboard assessments to be done. Thanks.

They are not courses “in place of” assessments. There are courses, and there are assessments. You need to do both. See 46 CFR 11.307 and NVIC 10-14.

Some (not all) courses are also approved for certain assessments. You need to check the approval for a specific course to see if it will also cover certain assessments in addition to meeting the course requirement. Ask the school for a copy of the approval letter from NMC (the letter, not the certificate) and see if it will cover any assessments.

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Thanks. I guess I didn’t mean “in place of” an assessment but rather a course at a school that satisfies the assessment rather than completing it aboard a ship. It appears MPT in Ft. Lauderdale has a curriculum that satisfies the entire NVIC 10-14. Thanks again.