Are assessments going away?

My question pertains to both Deck and engineering but, I recently did an MPT school for DDE4,000. I received my DDE 4,000, They approved me to test for 3rd assistant and DDE Unlimited. I asked for QMED any rating but they only gave me QMED Fireman/watertender, Pumpman/Machinist.

A note on the evaluation for OICEW is:
Operational level assessments in NVIC 17-14 OR approved equivalent alternative signed by a qualified assessor OR until December 31st, 2019, by a mariner who holds an appropriate national endorsement, or approved courses; and, approved training.

The way I read that, AFTER Dec 31st. schools are the ONLY option? IF that’s true,

Is it the same for the deck side, OICNW? I’m a dual.

After dec 31, 2019 only a QA vetted by the NMC can sign off assessments.

I am under the impression that if you hold a license with unlimited HP you can get qmed any rating, but i may be mistaken. Did you only have dde 4000 when you asked for qmed-any rating?


Yes sir, They Issued the DDE 4k and QMED “limited” simultaneously.

I plan to test for 3rd and DDE unlimited soon.

She ALSO listed all the Test modules. She included the Q800 series modules for QMED Junior engineer part 1, junior engineer part 2, electrician, refrigerating engineer, oiler part 1, and oiler part 2.

She basically said I need to test those, Plus DDE unlimited modules, plus 3rd Modules for QMED any rating, 3rd, and DDE unlimited.

What ctony said… the problem after December will be finding someone that went through the trouble and bother for getting vetted as an assessor by NMC. Aside from making you “a really great shipmate,” there’s absolutely no reason to go through that and stick your neck out examining and signing off assessments for everyone.

Maybe if companies would offer a QA bonus more folks would do it.

SOO basically it would be very smart to download the NVIC and have it signed off in the next few months by someone who holds a license rather than having to pay later?

This applies to deck also correct?

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See CG-MMC Policy Letter 4-18.

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Well that explains it. Thank you very much.

Very happy i can say i took care of these credentials when it was easier. Phew.

Anyway, if you can pass dde unlimited/ 3rd assistant, you should have no problem handling those modules.
If you can find someone to assess you on OICEW i would handle it sooner rather than later and turn it in. If you don’t have them yet there may be a few classes required such as ERM and others.
If you don’t have rfpew and able seafarer engine i believe the same assessor could sign those off too. Those a required for the qmed ratings pertaining to stcw.

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Isn’t everyone required to take the OICEW classes regardless if they get the assessments signed off?

Since 3/24/2017, yes. They all need to do both, courses and assessments.

The question was about who can do the assessments, and whether in the near future, they can only be done in a course. They can continue to be done “in-service” on a ship you’re working on, but the officer who signs them needs to have been approved as a Qualified Assessor. Approval as a Qualified Assessor doesn’t mean a course. A “QA”: can sign on the ship they are working on for a member of the crew. But they need to get the approval as a Qualified Assessor.

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Does the Assessor (Before December deadline) for OICEW, rfpew and able seafarer engine need to be a US license OR would an MCA suffice with full STCW obviously? I assume US but then again it’s all STCW?

Lastly I think, On deck It’s assessments for OICNW, RFPNW, and? is there another? I have about 3,700 days documented but I foolishly ignored what I didn’t require for work.

For engine…ab seafarer engine, rfpew and oicew. A DDE unlimited could sign you off on those. Dde 4000 could too if there would be a 4000 hp limitation. I believe that nvic that mr cavo provided a link to would be more specific and clarify.
For deck…rfpnw, ab seafarer deck and OICNW. I believe these require a master greater than 200 grt and a year of seatime as master on vessels over 200 grt to sign you off. I would search this forum extensively for more detail and/or clarification. I’m sure the deck nvic links are here somewhere too. I would also refer to the checklists on the nmc website.
I have both deck and engine credentials as well so i feel your pain. I am fortunate that I knocked out a lot of this before the changes a few years ago. However, i did have some pitfalls along the way and had to get assessments. If you haven’t yet, there are a few courses you may/will be required as well.

I’m a bit confused now. So I have my 3rd A/E unlimited and I’ve taken almost all my OICEW required classes, only have OICEW Electronics left, which i won’t be able to take until January.

I had my old Chief sign off a few of the assessments a couple months ago. I was going to submit everything to NMC once i got the last class completed. Will my assessments he signed off still be valid after 12/31/19? I am unsure iff he has his QA or not and haven’t heard back rom him yet.

You need to apply and submit the assessments before June 30, 2020.

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Thank you very much. I knew i saw that before but was having trouble finding it.

Can you submit the NVIC assessments now (signed off by your current senior officer) even If you haven’t applied for hypothetically OICEW. Then when you do get around to completing the schools they have them on file? Or do they expire if you don’t have a current application submitted for that OICEW or similar?

They have to be submitted with an application, and the application has to be approved following the normal processes, i.e. resolve any deficiencies within 90 days. You can’t toll the deadline by just sending in the assessments, or sending in an incomplete application.

Thank you, I have a 200/500 with STCW II/3, VI,1, and VI/6.
DDE 4,000 and partial QMED mentioned above.

I plan to test for 3rd assistant engineer (limited HP) DDE unlimited, and now the other QMED modules.

It appears that I should Submit now for two STCW endorsements. RFPNW and RFPEW.

I won’t be completing any other courses in the near future. If I have the time I’m going to study for national 1600 master but that’s work dependent.

Would you make any recommendations?

I work as a DDE 4,000 now limited to 500 tons (498) also only 3,800HP. I can document both deck and Engineering by trading within. I do both.

I don’t see getting OICEW or OICNW very soon.

EDIT: Coast guard says that my current deck license STCW ( ll/3 ) IS OICNW but limited to 500GT

that’s what STCW regulation II/3 is. it’s OICNW and Master, less than 500 GT, LIMITED TO NEAR COASTAL.