MV Maersk Denver harassed

Maersk Denver was being escorted by 2 naval vessels inPersian Gulf approaching SOH when 2 Iranian gunboatsmade approaches at 2 separated locations.
Approach #1
At 1110 May 4, 2015 Maersk Denver was on a course of056 sp 16.5 knots at Lat 26-20 N, Long 56-07 E
Two Iranian gunboats approached forward naval vessel.Forward vessel warned gunboats to not cross bow andthat they are on peaceful mission in Omaniwaters. Forward vessel notified aft naval of situation andwarned gunboats that weapons are hot. Gunboatschanged course and followed adjacent to forward navalvessel. Iranian Gunboat asked how many vessels inconvoy and if Maersk Denver is the containership.Forward naval vessel responded they are not authorizedto give out that information. Gunboats followed along for25 minutes and at 1135 departed.
Approach #2
At 1235 May 4, 2015 Maersk Denver was on a course of090 sp 16.5 knots at Lat 26-33N, Long 56-28 E. TwoIranian gunboats approached aft naval vessel. When itappeared the gunboat was to cross its bow the navalvessel sped up and preventing its crossing. Iraniangunboats asked Maersk Denver what cargo they haveand course, speed. Maersk Denver refused to give outinformation. The 2 gunboats follow along for 15 minutesand the departed the area.

What’s your source?

That’s the third Maersk ship those Persians have effed with in the last couple weeks.

[QUOTE=catherder;161994]That’s the third Maersk ship those Persians have effed with in the last couple weeks.[/QUOTE] When I rode MSC tankers in the Gulf they would play games with us all the time. Chasing us with speed boats until we had to deploy pyrotechnics. Once one of their helos sped up to us and hovered at about the bridge level, and the Navy Security detachment sporting M-16s had to be told to relax and don’t make the first move. The helo door opened suddenly and some a-hole started taking pictures, then they were off as soon as they arrived. They really don’t want to start something they cant finish, just harass. They been doing this for decades, ever since the Vincennes took out that airliner.

They did it to Navy boats in the 90s as well. We went to General Quarters every other day over the six months deployed there. Never understood why we didn’t open up on them…