Murphy's books for sale 2010-2011

Just put a complete set of murphy’s books up on ebay for $100 if anyone is in need. I see the same set on Amazon for $285, holy ****!?

Damn, already gone!

Axelrod, I sent you a PM about the books yesterday. did they sell on Ebay or do you still have them. My Bos’n wants to buy them.

Sorry, someone snagged them up already.

Thanks brother.

I have a ton at home I would get rid of, I’ll check and see what I got and let all who are interested know.

I have 1-7 not sure how old they are but the questions should be the same I’m thinking. They are circa 2002 when I started at the academy as far as age goes and they are in good shape.

Hpw much do you want for them considering their age?

Make me and offer+ shipping costs.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I got off the ship 1 June and have been at home. I’ll let him know what you said when I get back.