Capt. Murphy Deck Study Guides for sale

I have the six volumes 2008-2009 Edition of the Murphy Deck Officer Study Guides for Sale. Also the Tide and Current Tables/ Coast Pilot books that go with them. The Study guides are in excellent shape with a few pencil marks in the Illustration section and the Tide book has a coffee stain on the cover but books are in great shape. I just passed my 1600 Masters using these books. These do go up to Unlimited license questions. I am asking 150.00 for these. The same ones on Amazon are going for 250.00 a set without the Tide/ Coast Pilot books. See attached photo, Thanks.[ATTACH]1212[/ATTACH]

Sounds like a good deal. Good Luck and congratulations on the upgrade.

Are these books still available? If not, would you know where I could purchase a good used set? Thanks.