Deck Officer Study Guide Set 1-6

NEW U.S. Coast Guard License Examination Preparation for the Professional Mariner

Purchased in June 2020 and were not used. Retail price: $314.94 Selling for $200 plus shipping.

Will throw in two unopened packages of Nautical Flashcards (Lights and Shapes) FOR FREE!

Deck Officer Study Guides 1-6 Includes:

Deck General
Navigation General
Deck Safety
Rules of the Road
Navigation Problems
Deck Examination Illustration Book


I could be interested? Is there a 7th floating around or no?

Hi there,

The set of books I posted earlier (Deck Officer Study Guides) only has a total of six books. I do however have several other books. There is a set that has seven books which are the Limited Master, Mate & Operator. Again, all brand new, bought in June 2020. I’ll try and attach photos to this response. Thanks!

Update-it will only allow me to post one photo but I have several other books as well if you are interested.


7 is Lifeboatman. Most people probably don’t need/have that one.

This one?

gotcha, thanks