MSC Rescue Swimmer

Anybody have comments/concerns about becoming a rescue swimmer at MSC. I would like to know more about other people’s opinions before going through it.

I am running as a 3rd Assistant Engineer and can swim/run/workout just fine.

New one me, when I worked for MSC not many falling off the boat but we did have one guy get tangled up in some hosing at the foot of the gangway and fall in the water between the ship and the dock. We used the crane to pull him up :grinning: I will say its a good break probably from the engineroom and you will have another certificate to go with the 50 you now have in additional training

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MSC’s Surface Rescue Swimmer is a collateral duty, not a position unto itself. Existing CIVMARs can apply. There are incentives for those that volunteer but no regular pay.

Some MSC ships I was on carried swimmers and coxswains to maintain and operate the rescue boats. A great way to break the routine and stay woke.

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It may be a good duty for you, getting paid to exercise and stand by during flight quarters, but seriously consider the impact on your regular duties as 3AE and up.

The collateral duty of rescue swimmer taking you away from the engine room is likely to annoy the 1st and the Chief.

Also, rescue swimmers are only assigned to specific classes of ships. Laden ammo ships. So right now that means AKEs and the remaining AOE (Supply or Artic).

Also understand that it will complicate getting a relief for you. That is already a problem.

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I’ve had some friends do it. It involves being pretty darn fit and being able to post some pretty good run/swim times, then pass medical and go to Navy surface rescue swimmer school in Florida for a few weeks. If you pass you come out a Navy certified surface rescue swimmer. This is a Navy quail/cert and has no bearing in the USCG/merchant marine licensing/cert world. But still pretty neat and certainly worth doing I think.

Then yeh you are gonna face issues finding a relief because there just aren’t many surface rescue swimmers in MSC. Also consider when the SHTF everyone will be expecting you to jock up, get wet and possibly rescue personnel from a burning, sinking helo in the ocean. Chances are relatively slim but it’s important to remember what you are signing up for and if you think you can do that when things truly go south.

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Who plays HCO on these ships? From the job description it seems like the Operations Officer does but most Navy Supply Officers have HCO qualifications as well. I don’t think there is extra bones for playing in the Tower but I could be wrong.

HCO is the Chief Mate primarily.

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I know a couple of rescue swimmers, and they have my greatest respect. They do get some extra compensation, but not as much as they deserve. One of the ones I know was a most excellent football player at USMMA that took the extra step. He perhaps will save a sailors/or civilians life one day. I am very ok with that.

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Good deal, thanks. That’s what I noticed on with MSC’s MSPRON ships but I wasn’t sure how rest of the Fleet operated.