MSC Rescue Swimmer

Anybody have comments/concerns about becoming a rescue swimmer at MSC. I would like to know more about other people’s opinions before going through it.

I am running as a 3rd Assistant Engineer and can swim/run/workout just fine.

New one me, when I worked for MSC not many falling off the boat but we did have one guy get tangled up in some hosing at the foot of the gangway and fall in the water between the ship and the dock. We used the crane to pull him up :grinning: I will say its a good break probably from the engineroom and you will have another certificate to go with the 50 you now have in additional training

MSC’s Surface Rescue Swimmer is a collateral duty, not a position unto itself. Existing CIVMARs can apply. There are incentives for those that volunteer but no regular pay.

Some MSC ships I was on carried swimmers and coxswains to maintain and operate the rescue boats. A great way to break the routine and stay woke.

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