MSC Pre-Employment Medical Question

[HR][/HR]Hi I have a question about the medical screening before the initial New Employee Orientation to work in the Military Sealift Command.

I recently got hired for Supply Utility man and have all my paperwork. I am currently on the medical step and I have to fill out some forms that the nurse will send to the medical officer of MSC.

I was wondering if Psoriasis would be a disqualifying medical condition to join the MSC. I called MSC and they said they are not sure and it is up to the Medical Officer.

The form I must fill out is “DD FORM 2807-1, AUG 2011” "Report of Medical History"
g. Skin diseases (e.g. acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.)

Will this skin disease disqualify me? I really need this job and have been in the whole process for about 4+ months.

Anyone with Psoriasis or eczema working with the MSC?

Thanks in Advance