MSC New Hire dates?

I am a third assistant engineer unlimited steam, gas and motor.

I sent in the Information request form (IRF) and received an application packet. There are third jobs available and I have the packet completed and ready to send in. I also have the TWIC, universal epa card and all the other documents needed so I am qualified 100% as far as paperwork is concerned.

The question I have pertains to the New Employee Orientation (NEO) and the MSC training school:

I was told through a friend that MSC only holds these courses twice a year for new hires in December and May. Is this true or are they held more often like once a month?

If this is true and since I am currently employed and may be working offshore during the month of December will my application be rolled over to May or will I have to resubmit?

This is my first post so thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing back from the community here.

From what I’ve been told they hold NEO at least once a month for new hires and right after NEO ( 1 week) you would get bused to NJ to their training facility if your on the east coast.