MSC...Assimilated Rank for Military Base Privileges

Do MSC licensed officers get to use officer’s clubs etc. like higher grade Government civilian workers would? What other base privileges do they get?

Most of those where MSC has a presence, including base exchanges but things may have changed since I moved on. Remember to remove your cover prior to entering a bar or you’re buying a round for the house.


Son is is still active with Naval Reserves, has access to base facilities. No longer works with MSC. Most MSC officers at one time or another were reservists. And yes, that bar bill will not be small if you forget about the cover.


Was just in San Dog as a cadet, as long as you have a CAC with the correct privileges you can use the amenities like the exchange, grocery store, barber, etc etc. However I didn’t have the overseas privileges since I was only a cadet so I was only able to go to the barbershop and five guys and the base bar (there was more but im being blunt).

As long as the officers on my ship had the correct CAC privileges (reservist or fed CIVMAR) they were able to use all the amenities (that I knew of lol) on the wet and dry side

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Do you know if they went to the officer’s mess or club? I am assuming that licensed CIVMARs would be granted rank privileges (assimilated rank) equal to stripes on the epaulettes right ie Capt O6 for CHENG to Ensign for 3 A/E. If the ever bothered to wear them.

I’ve never had a problem going to the O club in any port as a cadet or third mate.


Not necessarily because you can be an O5 and a CHENG, positions like CHENG and CM are usually rewarded to those who have been recently promoted to the rank of commander (or even O4).

But to answer your question I think to really depends on who you know and like you said your rank. My El Capitan was an enlisted hawsepiper and he basically knew the whole damn base and they all knew him.

I’ve never run into any issues. Show up sober with a cac card, honor the dress code and you shouldn’t have any problems. Not worth losing sleep over.

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I’m just curious what is the protocol or regulations. It’s the military…I’m sure it’s written down somewhere.

El Crocodilla next to the pool at Little Creek was fun back in the day.

A swim and a poolside pizza at the Manama, Bahrain base made the boring weeks of “hydrographic surveys” and bruise inducing SEAL team practice assaults on the ship almost bearable.


Agree, son was on a Maersk ship with an “unannounced” USN Seal training assault on their ship going through Suez. They bundled him up pretty quick,not a small dude by any means. Took his Glock and wrapped him up in less than 60 seconds. They shared beers later at an unnamed port. Still pals with some to this day. Love my Seal guys. One wrote a a letter of recommendation for my kid for college, other was husband to my brides maid of honor both, many years ago. That was well before he got “Captured” on the Maersk. Seal Team Six are the baddest MFRS on the planet. They will leave bruises, or worse.

I’ve been good friends with many spec-op guys over the years. Valuable friends.
The pier in Manama at the time was not part of the US Navy pseudo base farther inland. We had to take a bus from the pier to the guarded Navy compound a few miles away. The local guards at the pier head would cast a lackadaisical eye at our creds from outside the bus as we held them up in the windows.
This was back in the day when Bin Laden was rattling his swords which prevented us from putting into Dubai, a break we had all been looking forward to. The guards’ attention to detail seemed rather halfhearted so naturally, we decided to see how far we could push it.
One of the guys made up a Mickey Mouse club card and they waived us through as usual. I can only hope that if a terrorist had been holding a knife to one of our throats or if we’d all looked terrified, they’d have perked up. Mayby not.
I’ve read that the navy has now acquired the land adjoining the compound to the pier and that the area is now a navy base so all that hocus pocus is no longer necessary.

Before my sons time. They were playing for keeps. In my time, a dependants card gave all access. Last time I bought a timex watch was docked at Amoco Yorktown just before the Allied barge blew up in Norfolk… The uscg store in the 70’s because pissing over the side resulted in a lost watch with a shitty band. Used that card for quite some time. Try to do that shit now will not be pretty.

“He who enters covered here, buys the house a round of cheer”.

I was forewarned.

USN mustang, E-1 to E-5, O-1 to O-5, 1965-1993.


Good for you sir.

Are you saying chief engineer and chief mate are comparable positions?

Pay wise, Chief Engineer pay is close to Master pay. Chief Mate deserves every penny they make. Referring to MSC, not USN. A “Mustang” was honored for his accomplishments in my sons church a while back. Cool shit. My next door neighbor was a door gunner and flight mechanic on the helicopters on the failed President Carter mission to save the hostages in Iran… I have nothing but respect for those type dudes. You won’t see them kneeling during our National Anthem,nor I.

Yeah in the Navy because they are department head positions…

I think for most US flag deep-sea union gigs, Captain and Chief (engineer) are very close, if not the same pay. I wonder if there are cases of the Chief (engineer) earning higher pay than captain?

1st Assitant Engineer is a busy job too. Hell, you know what, 2nd and 3rd AE earn every penny as well; it’s not like they are staring out a window all day drinking coffee.

Few people here care about the navy. On a real ship, the Chief and Captain are closer the “peers” than the Chief and the chief (1st) mate.

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