Moving to Houston, TX on the 20th any leads for an AB

I will be moving to houston in 10 days. looking for leads to any position on a boat. I have a mmd AB-Special, TWIC, and STCW-95

American Commercial Lines in Channelview is usually looking for deckhands- while you are out there you should stop by Kirby- down the road…

There is also an SIU hall downtown- by the Greyhound Station.


Good luck-Anthony

According to their site, Bisso Marine is hiring A/Bs.

They don’t list the current openings, but check out Southern States Offshore at

There’s also the 2 that Anthony mentioned above. Hope this helps.


heard to day kirby laid off 50 people

[QUOTE=markz71;24562]heard to day kirby laid off 50 people[/QUOTE]

Oooof… that sucks…

Regarding Kirby…

From May, 2009:


Hit every drilling company in Houston. One of them has got to have an opening for an AB or Roustabout.