Moving from NY to NC

New to gcaptain but I figured I’d give this a shot. I’m moving from New York to the Wilmington area of North Carolina. I’ve worked on Tugs in NYC but have recently been operating on my 100T running ferries. I’d like to get back onto Tugs after the move and I’m just looking for some insight on different companies in the area from someone who may have worked there in the past.

Thanks in advance!

I believe both Moran and Mcallister operate in NC.

These guys are based in South Carolina but I see them up and down the coast. It looks like they have a NC office as well

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I have heard good reports about Stevens.

It’s a small to mid-size family run company that has been around for awhile. That’s usually the nicest type of company to work for.

They also have a little 500 ton ship that they bought from Coastal Transportation and now use for specialty military cargos.

Why don’t you keep working in NY and live in NC on your off time? A significant proportion of NY tugboaters don’t live in or around the city. NY money will go pretty far depending on where you live.


I have wanted to work on that ship for years but there are never any openings. Ho hum…

They have engine openings occasionally…hell there’s one on indeed right now.
I have yet to see deck openings posted for that ship however.

Hell, it’s been 4 years - there’s bound to be another opening soon. :thinking:

To those interested in the M/V Coastal Venture, formerly owned by Stevens Towing as late as 2019: she is in no longer in operation. She was deliberately sunk on June 1, 2022 as part of the Charleston Deep Reef Project off of South Carolina.

So no openings?


Sounds like there were a couple posted in the hull.