Moulded draft/Extreme draft

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i have one question where is defference between moulded and extreme draft of the vessel? The main problem that the summer draft of vessel is compare to extreme draft which is noted in stability booklet approved by class.
BUT, our Harbour Master authorities are operates by draft writen in vessel’s tonnage certificate which noted as moulded and following link to Loadline convention where noted that moulded draft is corresponds to SUMMER draft of the vesel. Sometimes they are same, but sometimes exteme draft is more for about 1,5-2 cm.
This got problems when the vessel is planning to reach maximum draft. This way she can got deadfreight due to which draft is using.
Could somebody to explain me where is true if possible with links to official documents?

Many thanks!

Molded draft (noted on back of tonnage cert, not to be confused with molded depth on the front) is to the top of the keel/bottom plate, extreme draft is to the bottom of the keel/bottom plate

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Thanks for your reply! As i noted for extreme draft the extreme depth should be used, right?

I can show one vessel for example, moulded depth noted 15,6 m in all documents, freeboard is 4,716 m, moulded draft is 10,9 m in shown in stability booklet and tonnage certificate, but extreme draft is 10,918 m.

Loadline, stab booklet, tonnage cert

I can’t understand, why moulded and extreme draft of some of the vessels corresponds to each other, but some of vessel have difference?

Maybe this will help. Consider ‘design draft’ as extreme draft.