Mortgage Brokers

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good mortgage broker for a union mariner

All have to disclose “estimates” regarding closing costs. Just went through a sale and a purchase a few months ago. Not my first purchase or sale by any means. Many fees are set no matter who you go through (Taxes, state transfer fees etc., It’s the fees they can toy with where you can compare. Title insurance,mortgage process fees, Attorney fees, service fee,and points (a big one to consider), . No disrespect, Quicken/Rocket is fast which the brokers/agents love for quick closing,used them on a few tansactions , was not the best rate nor costs for us anyway… Shop around, you will thank yourself. Check locally in your community. If your money, credit and down payment is right, they will jump over themselves to get your business. No matter who you work for or what type of employment. Can’t recommend one company over the other. Can recommend do your homework and get a few bids to compare.

No special deal for union mariners, Might check with USAA but by and large you need to read the fine prince closely, Take any mortgage to a attorney for review before sign, Trust ZERO brokers

Not looking for a special deal, just looking for a lender who is aware of how mariners are paid

Mortgages via USAA are not what they used to be. USAA used to advertise that they service their own mortgages, and did not sell them off to 3rd parties. They do now, and sometimes to 3rd parties with less than stellar histories. One of the reasons I took mine from USAA was that they serviced them themselves. They later sold it to PHH, fortunately PHH has since sold it to another company.

I just used a regular local mortgage broker and it wasn’t an issue. I did have to sign and submit a statement explaining how I work for a company on the other side of the country when this was supposed to be my primary residence.

Local banks usually get it, when you are able to sit across the desk from someone one on one. However, I have used Rocket Mortgage as well, and I had no issues explaining to them either.

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