Modern fishing vessel at work

I don’t know, but we got a Dutchman here that may explain the “Flyshooter”.
“Twinrigger” presumably means that they have to trawl nets. Whether they can tow both simultaneously is another question. (??)
I know that larger bottom trawlers is set up with two trawl nets, but they shoot one while the other is on the way up with catch to ensure they don’t miss any “on bottom time”.
(Kraken to the rescue??)

PS> To me Pelagic and Midwater trawling is one and the same, but different from bottom trawling.

What about this compact Irish crabber?:

Looks like they have some rules that change at 15 m. LOA.

Russian Factory Trawler BARENTSEVO MORE, built 2020 in St. Petersburg
Now in Ålesund getting ready for next fishing trip in the Barents Sea:

Seen here on arrival Ålesund 13.02.2021