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Kentucky certainly had the marketing and distribution but Norway kept it close and personal and I’m not surprised given your excise tax.
It is legal here to distill your own spirits and a still with all accessories can be had for about $800. There are serious fines if you try and sell it.
I have tried making beer but that is all.

The Skunk Works

Home brewing and winemaking for own consumption is allowed in Norway, but home stills are illegal, although the Police doesn’t spend much effort to look for them.
Making “Himbrent” (Moonshine) is most popular in rural areas, especially in Trøndelag County.
Here is a homemade stil:

But there are more “decorative” stills on the market:

A popular way of consuming the end product is as “Trønder Karsk”:

PS> Not for those with low alcohol tolerance.

The first time I was in the USA some 60 years ago it was noticeable to me that the drink of choice was a spirit. The beer back then was rubbish. Looking back I suppose to prohibition, it was easier to hid a still than a brewery. It is good to see the beer has improved.

What do you call a rabbit with fleas?.. Bugs Bunny… Badda bing!
Please don’t forget the tip jar on your way out.

What do you call a guy with a rabbit up his butt ?


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Misc. Cartoons.

SAFETY GENIUS. Surely familiar with MCA Code of safe working practices

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Italian touring bike:

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Halloween in Bergen:

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Any more contronym from the maritime world that you can think of??

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