This has to be a joke

Ok, which one of you did this? Love the joke, found it in Midtown Sacramento today


Probably not, it’s pretty amazing how ignorant most people are of shipping, or how dependent they are on it.


Another fine example of why I left California for Florida where there is no State income tax nor income tax on Social Security income. Along with all this

F’ing morons!

Send a scathing email to to let them know how incredibly stupid they are and how much ammunition they just gave to those who fight every effort to clean up real industrial pollution.

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Its amazing how we complain about the pollution from a frankly amazing massive system that brings us cheap goods made by people on the other end of the world polluting their own environment for our own benefit. The entitlement.


Except now our home prices and property taxes are sky rocketing.

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I already did:


I am a member of the maritime community, and have been for over 8 years. It has been the career choice of my life. I saw the attached billboard photo on Saturday, 03 Sep in Midtown Sacramento. The message is one I agree with but the photo is just factually wrong and spreads maritime illiteracy. The photo reeks of being deceitful and misleading to the public. Prop wash from an assist tug parking a ship is NOT pollution. This sends exactly the wrong message to the lay public who is very typically very far removed from the maritime community and only serves to have members of the public see normal maritime activities as dangerous and something to be stopped.

This organization should well understand that by stopping prop wash, that is, by stopping propellers from turning, our way of life would rapidly deteriorate. If the ships ever stopped, half the world would starve and half the world would freeze.

For the love of God remove this photo from your line up of examples of maritime pollution.


Do they think prop wash is pollution?

Looks like an ex-deckie finally found the prop wash. Now they’re pointing it out in a PSA for other dumb fucks. Heartwarming.


Have you gotten a response?

That ships pollute is not contested, the big question is; what to do about it.
That question has been discussed here and in shipping circles worldwide for years.

The question in this case; is the intention of the arrow to point towards the Container ship being pushed alongside under the STS cranes by two tug, or only at the minor item that is propeller wash from one of the tugs??

In the last case; who are so dumb that they think propeller wash in and by itself is pollution?
PS> The fuel burnt to cause the propeller wash does produce pollution, though.

How do you know that tug isn’t powered by hydrogen produced by hydroelectric?

Just look at that billboard the way a typical dummfk California greenie would and take it at face value.


Don’t know if it was deliberately dishonest or a mistake but seems likely that many people would expect prop wash to be directly aft as it would be from a conventional tug.

How many of those are there in the world? The answer is ONE:

But I take your point about the "typical dummfk California greenie ", or whoever else that wants to see something wrong with everything. (Or anybody that doesn’t have the same opinion as them)

369 Pine St, San Francisco, CA, United States, California

(415) 399-8850


It’s not just shipping.


I would like to congratulate the purchasing agent who finally, after all these years, sourced the propwash


Been up to Sacramento many times via tug and barge discharging bulk urea loaded at Kenai AK.
Big box ships don’t go up there, as the draft of those vessels far exceeds the depth of the water.


Whi do you sail with?

So, I guess someone has a plan to run a carrier pigeon relay race from Italy to Beverly Hills for that Gucci purse order?

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