Military vet looking to break into the maritime industry

Hello all,
Been looking over the forum and have absorbing a lot of information figured I’d introduce my self. I was active army for 3 years and then joined the army reserves between active and reserves i have 9 years in the military and one deployment to iraq 08-09 on 11/18/2014 I was discharged from the army reserves with an honorable discharge for the last four years I have been interested on working on tugboats, a previous landlord of mine was a tugboat Capt. and he introduced the idea but at the time I was a reservist and the work schedule was not condusive for me I would not be able to make it to mandatory monthly drills. So now that I do not have that holding me back I have applied to Kirby inland marine. Any advice on Kirby, or any other company would be great. January of 2015 I plan on applying for my mmd and twic. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Hey bud. Hooah and all that. Lots of Army vets on the water. Can’t speak for towing, but in the oil patch knowing how to be away from home, get along with a bunch of different guys you may not have a lot in common with and being used to “hurry up and wait” goes a long way.

Also, be sure to check out which schools (for required training) are approved for the GI Bill – some schools, and some training, is approved.

Good luck to you.

You might want to check out these links:

Find a mentor.
Know this link: and use the “checklist” link there.
Check this link: and heed the first line there by Utilizing the search function on this forum, lots of Q&A concerning veterans becoming mariners are already here.
You’re starting into a real Rat Maze, don’t get discouraged, there is cheese at the end.

Hey guys thanks for all the great info txh those links are awesome already been putting a few of them to use, well so far I have completed my drug screen and will be getting my physical done next week I also have an appointment in Tampa for my twic card hopefully those items will help me in my job search also found a place to take the basic safety course still shopping around on that one but from what I have gathered that would be a huge plus in getting in the door just one less expense for the potential company. Again thanks for the info.