Military Sealift Command lockdown

Reagan was right. Government is the problem.

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A Republican was right about something? The devil worshipers and the root of all evil? Maybe so

They can’t get reliefs to ships, but they want to send Cadets out.
Get priorities straight.

What cadets are you talking about?

One mariner has been hospitalized in critical condition, while a contractor died of what his family says are complications of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

So, you think MSC is making you get the virus or trying to protect you from spreading it to your family and friends?

The Demach who was on a vent has died according to a couple of people on the MSC 101 Facebook page. He is named there.

I work for another Fed agency and they sent most of us home when this all began hitting the fan with the ships mostly in home port. Now they want to start to send us back starting July 1 and I haven’t heard hide nor hair of a plan. I may have to make this my last year here pull the pin and retire quick as the bureaucracy can let me.

The planes are packed. You’ve all seen them. You can catch the virus in transit and be infectious and asymptomatic for days. The berthings on most of our ships are cramped little rat warrens. One guy farts and everyone smells it. Whatever we do had better involve lots of tests and quarantine. Lots of us are old farts with the usual raft of medical conditions, too. Yeah. s#it show!

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Are they making us get it? No. Are they protecting our family and friends from it? They don’t care about our family and friends.

We believe a lot of what MSC is doing is just for show. It’s a cover-my-ass for the admiral and senior leadership. Take the gangway-up order. This does make sense for ships without quick access to medical facilities or a ship getting underway. I don’t hear too many reasonable folks arguing against that part. What’s frustrating is how it’s applied to ships that are not getting underway any time soon.

Risk exists. The nurse who goes to work is at risk. The bus driver driving folks around the town is at risk. The meat plant worker is at risk. Some will get sick. Others will die. That’s awful. But these folks are not being taken unnecessarily from their family and friends when not at work. That would also be awful.

Sailors serving aboard USS are being restricted starting two weeks before they get underway. That’s reasonable. They’re not locked down indefinitely. Their commands don’t do that because it’d be excessive.

It’s a question of weighing priorities against risks, between protecting the assets (functioning and manned ships) and respecting the men and women who crew them. The assets must be protected. They must be protected by effective and reasonable measures. Our USS are being protected and their sailors are being respected by effective and reasonable measures. If those measures are good for USS why are they no good for USNS? Either one is right or the other.


Can anybody describe what is entailed in a two week quarantine before reporting to an MSC vessel, overseas (conmar)?

Are you allowed to leave the hotel room to get food and exercise? Must I literally stay enclosed in the small hotel room for 14 days? Can I go out in town?

Not a conmar, butttt yeah i was locked in a hotel for 14 days straight can’t leave. this may be different for different countries. But they were pretty clear that if you went out there would be fines/prison and the hotel staff knows the deal so not even worth trying it


Isn’t that the point of a quarantine? I would think going out in town is the exact opposite of what they want you to do…


Thank you for that, very helpful. Look this is my first Pandemic, first quarantine. I should have known I wouldn’t be allowed to exercise alone.

Since you clearly have all the answers on quarantine, how will I get my meals? Doubt they have Door Dash where I’m going. Room service (if they splurge for the higher priced hotels), the agent? I’m not worried, I’m sure they’ll figure something out. I’m simply curious. Excuse the stupid questions, what was I thinking.

At least majority of you got hotels. Our pal stayed in a tent in Guam around the same time as the Roosevelt problems. Quarantined on East Coast before he left, quarantined in Seattle before his connection to Guam, then the tent thing. Still haven’t heard from him. Sure he is ok though.

I mean, it’s a quarantine. That means you hole up somewhere and don’t leave. Not sure why you think you could go out “by yourself” in some foreign country who is probably taking this whole thing more seriously than we are here.

And the rest of that should probably be directed at your company. I’m sure they’ll figure something out.

Like I said “Stupid question, not sure what I was thinking.”

I’m hearing various things from quarantine in a shipboard bubble before travel, to traveling to the location and quarantining in a hotel. I’m hearing of no-contact food delivery you order on your own to box meals being delivered to you as part of the contract. There doesn’t seem to be a single way it’s being done. It seems hacked together piecemeal.


Where are you going to quarantine? Are you traveling commercial?

The crews that were in the Norfolk hotel arrived yesterday, here is what they told me. Keep in mind that the entire hotel was made up of 130 sailors all on the same charter flight so your situation may be different.

Breakfast sucked. They gave you a small amount of crap that sounded like shit to me. There was a menu delivered each day for you to select lunch and dinner. Overall they said the food was fine. Door dash and other delivery services were allowed if you wanted additional food. Someone’s friend was delivering booze to them, so they didn’t have to go dry.

You were permitted to leave your room to walk the grounds of the hotel and some people did this together but they were not allowed in other peoples rooms. People were using the gym, there was a limit on how many were permitted inside at one time.

Daily health checks. Temp taken and a COVID test was performed the day prior to the charter flight departing.

To mess with a departing 3 A/E… the crew traveling told him, through facebook, that during the fuel stop in Bulgaria the joining 3 A/E was pulled from the flight for a fever. The guy was even pretending to post from a hotel in Bulgaria saying that the hotel was nice and the food was good. With all the craziness of the travel situation it was pretty believable.

Upon arrival to the vessel you are supposed to ROM(restriction of movement) for 14 days as per USN. Who really cares since we cant go ashore anyway.


Apparently the Emory S. Land has been granted Liberty in Guam. Someone posted the letter to the crew on facebook that outlines the granting of shore leave. Keep in mind that this ship spends quite a bit of time at the dock, as I recall from a few years ago.

The plot thickens.

Half the crew of the Land are USN sailors, who live ashore. This is what we complain about. They were not restricted, but the MSC crew was. With half the ships compliment coming and going, the restriction is useless and punitive for no reason.


I saw a copy of the paperwork from the ESL that someone posted on facebook. Apparently the unions hadn’t even seen it first. Be careful what you sign when it comes to this situation, always ask the union first. CYA is the name of the game. If someone gets sick you can bet they will warm up that throwing arm to put you right under the bus.

Incidentally, the ESL was my last ship on active duty many moons ago…early 90’s. It wasn’t hybrid yet

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