Military Sealift Command Holding Career Fair in Toledo Thursday


Renee Marazon, CEO of The Maritime Academy of Toledo [/B][/I][I][B]Foundation, said today that The Military Sealift Command will hold a career [/B][/I][I][B]fair on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2011 from 11 am until 3 pm at the school located [/B][/I][I][B]at 803 Water St. in Downtown Toledo.[/B][/I]

The Military Sealift Command will be recruiting for seagoing careers as civilian mariners. “The Military Sealift Command, based in Norfolk, VA, transports equipment and supplies to U.S. Forces worldwide,” said Ms. Marazon. “MSC is seeking to fill several vacant Civilian Mariner (CIVMAR) positions in the upcoming months. The seagoing positions offer CIVMARS on-the-job training, career advancement opportunities, steady pay and Federal benefits. CIVMARS work in state-of-the-art environments with excellent living accommodations.”

[B]MSC recruiters will be looking for the following positions[/B]:

[li][I]Second Officer [/I][/li][li][I]Refrigeration Engineer [/I][/li][li][I]First Assistant Engineer[/I][/li][li][I]Second Assistant Engineer [/I][/li][li][I]Third Assistant Engineer [/I][/li][li][I]Second Electrician[/I][/li][li][I]Unlicensed Junior Engineer [/I][/li][li][I]Deck Engineer Machinist [/I][/li][li][I]Second Cook[/I][/li][li][I]Cook / Baker [/I][/li][li][I]Assistant Cook [/I][/li][li][I]Steward Cook[/I][/li][li][I]Chief Cook [/I][/li][li][I]Chief Radio Electronics Tech. [/I][/li][li][I]Medical Services Officer[/I][/li][li][I]Supply Officer[/I][/li][/ul]

“Hosting the MSC Career Fair is very important to The Maritime Foundation. It plays directly into our goal of helping to promote maritime job opportunities and to once again position Toledo as a leading center for maritime job retraining and job creation,” said Ms. Marazon. For more information on the MSC and the Career Fair visit .