Mikey Ties The Knot

5:18 LT our man Mikey took departure aboard the M/V Married Life. May the knot be properly tied, hold strong and weather all storms but see mostly calm winds and following seas. Here’s to Mikey!! [ATTACH]3746[/ATTACH]

ah that’s too bad…

Congrats Mikey!!! And don’t listen to the old curmudgeons, a good women is what keeps most of us sane :wink:

Well done mikey! I’m sure one of us can find you a sea job next time you want to go on “vacation”. Good luck!

Congrats Mike. Where’s the honeymoon?

[QUOTE=Bloodyshitcakes;122807]Congrats Mike. Where’s the honeymoon?[/QUOTE]

Bet a buck he’s taking a cruise.

What kind of knot?

Quick release?

Congratulations! Fair winds and following seas.

I’ll take that bet and raise you any amount you want :wink:

Congrats, Captain! I did the same 24 August and took my new Admiral to Hawaii!

She looks hot.

He was on the honeymoon. He’s about to find out it’s over

Congrats, I guess; but the qualification is from one who is very happily divorced. . . . Good luck to both of you.

[QUOTE=skycowboy;123004]He was on the honeymoon. He’s about to find out it’s over[/QUOTE]

Reminds me of a saying that a man gets married thinking she will stay the same while a woman gets married thinking she can change him into something more to her liking.