I thought it would be nice to start a thread where new and fabulous Millennial Seamen could have a safe place to talk about the challenges they might be facing in the rigorous work environment that is the Bayou.

First, congratulations on finding a job.
Good for you.
All those participation trophies are finally paying off!

However, you’ll find life aboard a vessel can be difficult.

You may face some of the following challenges listed below and I encourage you to post your own unique struggles here so other Millennial Mariners ( I hope that term doesn’t offend anyone ) can chime in and help by offering the emotional support that you’re entitled to.

  • Being asked to put your phone down and actually work. It’s much easier with 2 hands.

  • Not being allowed to bring your emotional support gerbil/hamster onboard the vessel.

  • Being forced to use plastic straws in the mess area.

  • No Oxygen Network offered in satellite dish plan.

  • Having to remove your Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez poster from the TV lounge (because it frightens people)

I’m sure there are many, many more.

I look forward to hearing from all of you… because you’re all special and unique and deserve a safe place.


I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to fall for this.

That’s right, what if the captain can’t relieve his built up frustration by yelling at the third mate?

I mean has there ever been a worse crime then the new third mate on his first day not knowing the Master’s standing order # 34- section 23 - part 14 (e)? If that doesn’t deserve a red-faced spittle-flecked tirade what does? Or what if the C/M was to pull his nose out of old man’s asshole even a fraction of a millimeter for a fraction of second? Everyone is going to need a safe place if that was ever to happen.

Nobody needs more special handling than the captain, unless it’s the chief.


Rofl! I just bet!

You seem Salty OP,

Why are you so Salty? Did a Cadet piss in your Coffee?

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Theres 10secs of my life im not getting back by reading this. What an absolutely pointless post. Guess it wasn’t a surprise with a total post count of 3 from this user…

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Garbage post. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was actually funny, but it’s just lame.

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Have a sense of humor.

I like the term “Millennial Mariner”. I can get away with saying that. If I called them snowflakes, they would complain to HR.

P.S. Although I might prefer a poster of Ivanka or Kate Upton, Alexandria also looks very nice, whatever her misguided youthful politics.