Merry Christmas to all the CIVMARs

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you hard working CIVMARs all around the world. Sure wish I was on a duty VaCapes oiler right now, I would be home with the family. My current tropical loaction is not so bad though. Looks like MSC is really going to need to hire some more folks in 2011. Tough for some rates to get a relief right now, looks real bad for all the folks in Radio, time to hire some RETs. Good luck to all the sailors with applications in to be hired by MSC. Maybe in 2011 they will speed up the hiring process. Too many new ships and not enough people to crew them. What is going to happen if/when MSC take over the Amphips from the Navy?

I’m having a real tough time getting to GCaptain from the ship, internet seems extra slow. I will have to submit this website to the MSC internet “white list”.

Take Care,