Merry Christmas from NMC

So, guess what? I was approved for AB unlimited and NMC reviewed and all is good. It has been 4-5 months since I have been trying to get a new MMD card with the upgrades. Oh I got a new card alright, but I was demoted to a wiper and any unlicensed deck position except AB.

NMC said they were sorry for the misprint, but I will have to wait for my reviewer to get back from the holidays. I guess it was supposed to read “any unlicensed position including AB” ???

I guess I better not protest or complain to much or get to upset b/c I may get arrested out of suspicion. What a joke and we are the puppets.

I guess I was naughty this year. I am not discouraged just reallllllllly in awe at this entire pathetic process…

So, I have my STCW endorsement but no AB for now.

I did sleep at a holiday inn express!

--------phone----Ring, ring, ring,
Guess what that is the NMC and they have officially said “OOPS”. Let’s see if my card gets here next week.

What fun and I even pay for this type of entertainment.

I know a 2nd A/E who got a 2nd Mate license by mistake. He said f- it, id rather be a mate anyway.

Maybe we need to out source NMC to India…At least we would know what to expect …

Please hold, by the way.