Medical Services Officer

I’ m applying for the Medical Services Officer position with MSC.

Any info out there?

I’ ve been nursing for 12 years. No ship board vessel experience.


There should be a morning sick call, but you’ll be available at all times for emergencies like cracked skulls, sliced body parts, broken bones etc.etc. Pertty much a combination of battlefield corpsman, high school nurse and emecency room doctor. Practice your stitching. Most of the time you’ll be bored to tears I would think…You get to were a cool uniform with gold oak leafs!!

Thanks Jeffrox.
I will practice my suturing.

You will also have the opportunity to spray for roaches.

Just sprayed my kitchen last week, so I’ m covered in that area.

And come up to the bridge at night with a blacklight and check for rat pee.

It’s been a few years since I’ ve seen the movie WILLARD, but I can rent that out next weekend. Thanxs!