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What happens when you apply for your Medical Certification but run out of time (+extension) due to sleep apne condition and medical stuff dealing with your Insurance company. Obviously your application will expire. Your new application will not have the said condition on it, how will the USCG process it? Will they still consider previous application and condition or will you get a clean slate?

What do you mean “Your new application will not have the said condition on it?” Did you visit Lourdes? Are you going to withhold the information you gave them? If so, be prepared to explain why you didn’t report it the second time.


I have been a straight shooter all my life. I don’t fudge my documents. I got my license the hard way, no grandfathering crap…elbow grease style!..But it drives me insane when a teacher at one of the USCG accredited schools (very respectable school) calls me stupid in front of the whole class because I went to my primary care physician to have my application completed and not to one of these Occupational Health Clinics that doesn’t have a clue about you.

I am honest person which now I guess equals stupid.

My question was about miss diagnosis, what happens if my another doctor disagrees with my primary care doc?

Is a second opinion a bad thing now when dealing with the USCG?

As I said, be prepared to explain it, or more appropriate, to have your new doctor explain it.

We have lots of guys onboard, usually fat guys, with sleep apnea and CPAP machines.
Sleep apnea is a medical problem that can be managed to the satisfaction of the USCG.

How would a primary care doctor be able to diagnose sleep apnea? Diagnosis requires a “sleep study” that is performed by a specialist with the correct equipment and staff. I hear that the test requires sleeping overnight at the clinic.

Most are done in your own home now. You pick up a monitor and attachments and hook it up yourself at home.

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