Medical Care Provider

Hey guys, I just took Medical Care Provider. A couple friends who have taken the class said it does not have to be renewed but a couple of the other guys in the class said it does. I can’t find an answer to this. What are y’all’s experiences?

One time only, no renewal.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought but given the price tag on the class and how rare it is in my area, it’s a relief to not have to worry about renewing.

You do need CPR/First aid within the past year every time you renew/upgrade. Maybe they were thinking of that.

No you don’t need CPR or First Aid either. Maybe your company requires it, but not Coast Guard.


Dang, after a quick look through the checklists, I think you’re right. CPR/FA only required on original issue for officer, not renewal.

If you work for a tugboat company on a Corp of Engineers funded dredging job, you’ll need current First Aid and CPR. It’s a bullshit online class.

Here’s my question I’ve taken all the Basic training course separately will my medical care provider cert be good enough for elementary first aid and cpr



Actually, I don’t mind the in person First Aid refresher classes. It’s probably a good idea. I just wish the classes were better.

You would think medical care provider would suffice for it

Medcare Provider doesn’t cover First Aid for the USCG or the Corp of Engineers. i vaguely seem to recall some company safety guy insisting it had to be American Red Cross First Aid within 2 years.

So the first aidand cpr the taught with medical care provider differs from elementary first aid and cpr taught at the same school by the same instructor with the same first aid and cpr card distributed at the end. What a joke I guess the certificate just says two different things

No. That’s not it.

American Red Cross First Aid and CPR are only good for two or three years, then they must be repeated to renew.

The idea is that you forget it , or need practice. They want you to have current skills to save lives, not just have a piece of paper. Which makes sense.

Nope - they may only be good for a limited time, but you only ever need to have them once - for original issue.

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